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I submitted the wrong song for koopa 's road, got mixed up with another one, gonna try to find it on my harddrive.... thanks for pointing it out to me!!!!

No hard feeling yes?

My bro deleted my songs

2008-01-19 13:21:25 by protazoa007

my brother deleted my songs from here, but i will not be putting them back unless requested... reason: my upload is only 2.5 kilo bytes/ sec max ! usually 1 or so, yeah i wanna screw my isp but what can i do.. so u know the drill msg me and i will post the song u want back

A few songs left to add

2008-01-16 06:27:38 by protazoa007

i still have a few songs i have to add, and then i'm done..., These works took about 250+ hours, each, and were made in an unorthodox way. Reason: i do not understand music theory..... Story of my life.... ;P, anyways i hope u guys enjoy these songs i put up..... hint: they are not all from donkey kong

Works lost in time

2008-01-11 17:19:14 by protazoa007

These songs i am posting were made like around 2 years ago, i completely forgot about them until i recovered my harddrive and i would like to share them with all of u. plz bear in mind that i will take criticism to heart but will not correct these works for several reasons which i cannot state, one being i like to leave things the way they are " i hate change"